Single Review: Sons of Liberty – “Tertulia Time”

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A Southern Rock Celebration: Sons of Liberty’s “Tertulia Time”

Review By Glen Parkes

The UK’s premier Southern Rock band, Sons of Liberty, are set to ignite the summer with their new single “Tertulia Time,” releasing on July 12th. This track, accompanied by a lively action video, is a standout from their critically acclaimed album “The Detail Is In The Devil,” which has been hailed by many in the rock press as the Album of the Year 2024.

“Tertulia Time” captures the essence of Sons of Liberty’s signature Southern Rock sound, blending infectious guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and spirited vocals. The song’s upbeat tempo and vibrant energy make it an ideal summer anthem, perfect for live performances and outdoor gatherings.

The band’s musicianship shines through in this track, with each member delivering a tight and dynamic performance. The guitars roar with Southern flair, the bass and drums lay down a solid groove, and the vocals soar with passion and authenticity. The production is polished, capturing the raw energy of Sons of Liberty while ensuring clarity and balance.

“Tertulia Time” is a joyous and rousing single that highlights Sons of Liberty’s ability to craft memorable Southern Rock anthems. Its release promises to be one of the highlights of the summer, reinforcing the band’s reputation and the acclaim surrounding “The Detail Is In The Devil.” Fans of the genre and newcomers alike will find much to love in this infectious and celebratory track.

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