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Review: Warren Haynes, Jim James, and Grace Potter’s “Gold Dust Woman” – A Captivating Prelude to ‘The Benefit Concert Volume 20

Halina Wegner review Warren Haynes, Jim James, and Grace Potter join forces in a soul-stirring rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman,” marking the first single release from ‘The Benefit Concert Volume 20.’ Recorded live at the 30th Annual Christmas Jam in 2018, this track serves as a tantalizing preview of the [more…]

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Sophie Lloyd Imposter Syndrome Album Review

Review by Bracken Hake “Imposter Syndrome,” Sophie Lloyd’s latest album, is a genre-blending masterpiece that seamlessly blends rock and metal elements with an impressive lineup of guest vocalists. The album delves into themes such as self-doubt, resilience, and the human experience, delivering a journey that captivates from beginning to end. The album [more…]