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Borracho – Blurring The Lines Of Reality

Stoner Rock Kozmik Artifactz  Release Date – August 18th 2023 Review by  Smudge Ten years ago, an unassuming five-track album from Borracho dropped into my lap. I’d never heard of Borracho before that but that album, ‘Oculus’, for me has become the benchmark for all stoner music to be measured. It has [more…]

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Review of Shepherds Reign Latest Album

ALA MAI Review by Mick Sayce First off we had rock music, then heavy rock, then heavy metal and so on…now we seem to have another title to add to the genre, that of Indigenous Rock/Metal. Hailing from South Auckland, New Zealand, these Polynesian four -or sometimes fivesome- have a variety of [more…]

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Vandenberg sin review out on Mascot Records

Review By Darren McIntyre Vandenberg is a Dutch-American hard rock band from Amsterdam – Los Angeles who burst onto the scene when they originally formed in 1981. The band took their name from guitarist Adrian ‘Adje’ Van Den Berg. The band, like most, has had some changes to personnel but has kept [more…]

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Live Reviews

Jessica Lynn – Live – Waterloo Music Bar

Review By Darren McIntyre POSTED 13.07/2023 Jessica Lynn is a country / Americana musician from New York City, New York. She is not only a talented musician/singer/songwriter. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in adolescent education & mathematics and a master’s degree in special education and graduated with honours. Jessica formed her first [more…]