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Meet the people behind Jace Media Music

Glen Parkes

Halina Wegner

Darren McIntyre

London and South East


Vinyl junkie.Music geek. Anything along those lines pretty much describes me. I’ve grown up with a massively diverse music taste and love the history as well as the tune behind sound waves!

Head of Reviews and press


I’m passionate about continuing the rock scene for years to come and giving new blood bands a good shot, so you’ll find me hanging out Playing all the new cd and online music I can find Growing up in Poland I had a wide range of music in my life



I first got into music at an early age, going to see a band called AC/DC at 11 years of age in 1977, and was instantly taken by heavy metal. I was fortunate enough to roadie for the infamous Manowar in the early 1980’s where my love affair blossomed, going to see Kiss at the legendary Glasgow Apollo,

Tim Marcus

Sam Conquest

Mick Sayce

London and home counties Oxfordshire


Tim was the first drawer

to heavy rock music back in 1977 at the age of 16, when a school friend persuaded him to listen to Deep Purple’s “Made in Japan”; he’s not looked back since. He’s been a regular attendee at rock gigs since first seeing Gillan at London’s Rainbow Theatre some 18 months later and still enjoys attending the summer festivals almost forty years on from his very first at Donnington back in 1980. Since those days his taste in rock music has broadened considerably and in particular, he now also enjoys the bluesier side of the genre as well as being a keen follower of many of the great new young bands that are now starting to break through. He only took up review writing very recently, in support of his photographer partner Sam, when they both joined the team last year

London and home counties Oxfordshire


Family photography, special needs friendly also sports and live event shoots. Sam does it all one of the best you will find for gigs and sports

South-East and London


My musical interests are of an eclectic nature. Curiously, it runs from Folk through Classical, then onto some commercial jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Glam Rock, Electronic (OMD, Kraftwerk and Human League 1980-90’s style) and onwards. However, I draw the line at C&W, most bluegrass and trad jazz! Running underneath all of this mainstream music has been my favourite genre –Heavy Rock. From its early proponents such as Led Zeppelin, Nazareth et al, all the way to the present with Rammstein, Nightwish and even The Hu -a Mongolian metal band!

Andrew Smith (Smudge)


Linda McDermott

Born 1968 in London. First Festival aged 3 – Parents were folkies so we had our ‘holidays’ camping at the Cambridge folk festival.

First real gig – aged 6 parents took me to see Steeleye Span at the Hammersmith Odeon.

The first gig I went to alone – Anthrax/Metal Church/UDO at the Hammersmith Odeon.

Kicked out of school at 15 – went through several jobs. Played football and rugby every weekend – now paying the price!

At age 19 I worked part-time as a bouncer at the Half Moon Putney in the music room. Saw legends like Steve Marriott, Roger Chapman and Leo Sayer (that guy could sing!).

Worked on Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival for about 6 years as part of the security team.

At age 26 started working for a branch of the civil service where I am currently until November 2023 when I can hopefully retire.

I have loved music since age 11 – I would say. I first heard ‘The Spirit Of Radio’ by Rush emanating from the flat below and I still remember how it felt. I then discovered Judas Priest and I was sold hook, line and sinker. Since then, my tastes have broadened considerably – I truly love it all (apart from that glam/trash stuff like Motley Crue etc). Not content with just listening and dreaming I have worked for several bands in the past and toured the UK extensively as a roadie (I have no technical ability, but I can lift heavy things). Through that, I got to meet some heroes and others that have since become heroes. Not being able to dedicate the necessary time after starting a family I had to quit the road. Something inside me needed to be fulfilled. I was asked my opinion on some songs by a band I was working for, and I asked ‘What do I know?’ The bass player and songwriter said to me – ‘You’ve been listening to music for like 40 years, you know what’s good.’ ‘Yeah, I do! I listened to the songs and all the ones I liked made it onto the album.

That sowed the seed and I applied to be a staff writer (unpaid) for a monthly Rock and Metal publication. I thoroughly enjoy writing about music and discovering new artists and old ones too! So, if you see me trolling about at a festival – say hello – and let’s talk music.

Be safe


was born in Liverpool many moons ago and have been an avid rock music fan for the last 45 years. I was lucky enough to have laid-back parents who allowed me to travel with my mate and his dad to Knebworth in 1979 and my first gig was the second Led Zeppelin show at the festival. I’ve probably seen every major artist during this period but I’m still discovering amazing new talents on my travels every week, particularly since I took early retirement. I haven’t been as excited about the current music scene since the early 80’s, and I hope some of my reviews can open peoples eyes to some of the amazing new talent that’s currently out there.

Instagram @lmcdsony

Everyone is brought up with music of one kind or another and I’m no different.

In the 70’s/80’s I saw bands ranging from The Jam, The Smiths, to The Pogues and The Clash.

My first festival was ‘Rock on the Tyne’ in Gateshead in 1981! On the bill were a band with their first single out, they were U2. Also playing were Elvis Costello and the Attractions and the brilliant Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

The Ramones, are an all time favourite of mine, I saw them six times, met them in 1991 when I got CDs signed, and shook their hands.

And yes I was at Reading in 1992 and yes, I saw Bjorn Again play Smells Like Teen Spirt just before Nirvana came on!

I had a huge break from live music as I have Crohn’s disease, but I am in remission at present and my love for live rock music is stronger than ever.

My musical tastes are diverse having seen the likes of Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Linkin park, Audioslave and the wonderful Chris Cornell doing an acoustic set in the Royal Albert Hall, London.

I have a love for photography, I’ll photograph anything that catches my eye, mainly wildlife and nature. This year I had a photographer pass for the Call of the Wild Festival and I loved it! The UK rock scene is so exciting at the moment and now I get to combine my love for both photography and live music, meaning it’s a win, win for me!

Justin Smulison New York City USA

Bracken Hake

Phil Middleton

New York City USA

Justin Smulison is proud to be the New York correspondent and contributor to Jace Media.

He has interviewed high-level, internationally recognized artists, such as Mark Tornillo (Accept), Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate), David Reece, Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint), Nick Douglas (Doro), Soren Andersen, DD Verni (Overkill), Ted Aguilar (Death Angel), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Jorn and Hardline) and Mike LePond (Symphony X).

His love for rock (and metal) dates back to seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers on television for the first time in 1992 and he picked up a bass to follow in Flea’s footsteps and also dance in his underwear. He does not play anymore and typically wears pants but his passion for the genres, as well as blues, jazz and even some folk, is like a lifeblood. He performed standup in Manhattan in 2006-7 and participated in annual local triathlons. Justin lives with his wife, daughter and son in New York. They love the beach.

Check out his portfolio at

I am an avid photographer with a passion for journalism, covering everything rock and metal, I love the challenge of capturing the energy and excitement of a live performance, and I am always looking for new ways to tell the story of rock and metal through my photography

based in kent


Hi, I’m Phil, I got into rock music in the early ‘70s and have always been a Blackmore fan, first with Deep Purple, then with Rainbow. I generally love all types of rock, from hair metal to prog and beyond. More recently have become a fan of Scandi rock and in particular the awesome Ghost.

Paul McWilliams


I have an eclectic music taste, from classical to heavy metal but I especially like rock and metal. Attending gigs for the last 30+ years I appreciate the energy, not only of the band but the crowd too. I try to capture all of that in my photography so the viewer can almost picture themselves there


based in Yorkshire


London / The home counties


In 1979 as a 12-year-old my world changed when I went to my first gig. My dad took me to the then Odeon at Hammersmith, London to see AC/DC on their Highway to

Hell, tour. Some 40 years later the bug only intensified and now have my own weekly radio show, review gigs, and albums, interview bands and take photos when I can. My favourite band is still AC/DC followed closely by the magnificent Motorhead but as long as it’s rock-related it will do for me.

The hair has now gone, the waistline has expanded & tinnitus is embedded in my head, however, that excitement I first felt way back in “79 still lingers and I suspect always will.

Matthew Pitfield

Mark Pitfield

Graeme Whitworth

I am Matthew captured in the photo by Mike Gray from the band Skin a great artist in his own right. 

I was first taken to a festival; Sonisphere with my dad when I was 3 years old, The first band I saw was Limp Bizkit and over that weekend I also saw the Prodigy, Metallica, and many others. 

I have always liked live music ever since and I was allowed to take some photos at the Call of the Wild festival 2 years ago and I loved it. I’m also a keen gamer and interested in anything technological. 

I am now 14 and enjoy going with my Dad to festivals annually including Download since 2015, Stonedead, Rockin The Bowl, and The Call Of The Wild Festivals which are local to us in the Midlands. We attend as many festivals and concerts as we can and I feel very at home in the pit capturing events through the eye of my lens.

Everyone is so nice to me and I am learning as much as I can from the other togs, along the way and am becoming friends with a lot of bands who are very keen on me capturing their live performances for them.

As a father of 4, music has always been a huge part of my life. Each chapter I have gone through as I have grown and aged has always had a soundtrack that tells a story about a part of my life.

I started my love of music at the age of 10 with Def Leppard’s Hysteria album. For my first concert, I went to see Motley Crue headlining the Birmingham NEC taking a bus from Lincoln, and during the show, I drummed to the beat of Tommy Lees drumming like a man possessed.

Then I found festivals – my first Monsters of Rock was in 1990 at the age of 15 and I have been every year that it ran and now every Download festival as it is now known.  I have even put off going to events and all of my family know if it falls on the weekend of Download then I cannot attend.

Luckily my passion for music has rubbed off on my children (but not the wife) and I truly believe in the young being the future of all things and they should be nurtured and encouraged. There are so many great new bands trying to ply their trade in the new digital age and I now have an appreciation of all music and styles but my heart lies with rock and metal – the bands playing and telling stories with their lyrics and musicianship make the hairs on the back of my neck rise and brings goosebumps to my arms and the odd tear when a track is played that represents some element of my past.

I Like my rock AC/dc mainly I like some of the old tunes some of the Iron Maiden the obvious ones are Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio by Rush Leopard and Queen growing up I loved Adam and the Ants i love shooting photos of the bands and love going to gigs

Damien Harvey

Kit Foster 

I’m Damien l, 33 and I’m a Photographer and Reviewer from Southend, Essex. The UK.

I’ve been a music lover all my life, I mean who doesn’t love that feeling of travelling with music in your ears? 

I’ve gone through so many variety of genres in my life from pop, emo, rock and even a bit of rap, but now I just love the variety we have these days.

I’ve been doing photography for 8 years but only semi-professionally for the last year. I’m a chef by day and the rest of the time I’m usually with my camera. I’m getting into music photography but I also do sports, supporting the grassroots level. I do a lot of events too such as parties but not limited to anything else.

I’m Kit, 25 years old and based in Whitstable, Kent. I’ve been interested in rock and heavy metal music since I was a teenager and have been working professionally as a photographer for three years – photography is something I wanted to focus on after lockdown and finally found my dream job working in Media.

Adam Littlemore

Hazel Littlemore

Based in Sunderland UK

Photographer/Reviewer/video interviewer

Social media handles

Instagram: motionvideomedia

Facebook: motionvideomedia

Hello, my name is Adam Am a freelance photographer/videographer I love the challenge of capturing the energy and excitement of a live performance. I have been doing photography and videography for over 15 years full-time. I am extremely passionate about my work and love going to see new music I have worked with artists/bands such as Robert Jon & The Wreck, the Sherlocks, Friedberg, and Amber Run to name a few. I am always looking for new ways to tell the story through my work 

Based in Sunderland UK


Social Media handle

Instagram: Hazel_creative_photographer

Hello my name is Hazel am a freelance photographer is extremely passionate about my work and loves going to concerts and hearing different music I’ve been doing photography for over 15 years now as full time I like to tell a story Through my images and capture Important, moments and memories and am always looking for new ways to tell a story through my worn

Steve Shipley

Hi, My name is Steve Shipley and come from East Yorkshire, After doing archery for 12 years and shooting for Yorkshire i was looking for something new and have now been doing photography for 5 years, i am self-taught with a little help from a friend, thought wildlife would be my subject until I did some music photography for a band called Dirty Sterling a year ago, that was it i am hooked and i try to shoot gigs as much as i can. I did my 1st review in December 2023 which is something i did not ever expect to do as i am dyslexic but here i am.

The 1st concert i went to was The Who in 1986 and have been a fan of theirs for most of my life, my other music tastes include Talking Heads, Johnny Cash  any Ska and Indie groups but also love hearing new music as there are some great new bands around like The Lottery Winner, Youth Sector, Red Rum Club among them

Atanas Tanchovski

It all started with “We Will Rock You” on loop in the car when I was 6. Fast forward 10 years to my first Metallica gig at 16, which was truly the turning point into a borderline unhealthy obsession for all things rock and metal! I capture light, especially when it’s low, and present its magnificence.
Then, I describe it all with artistically arranged words!