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Review By Darren McIntyre Images By Scott Anderson

The Lovely Eggs are a 2 piece lo-fi psychedelic punk infused outfit from Lamcaster, England who came to our attention in 2006 and consists of husband & wife David Blackwell and Holly Ross. They have performed several times on BBC Radio Live, SXSW Festival and toured in support of Art Brut & Eddie Argos, the duo have given us 21 singles, 3 EP’s & 7 albums which includes their latest offering Eggsistentialism. To support their latest release the duo are heading out on tour and tonight they rock up to St Luke’s to open their UK Tour, please join me as I set out my stall to gather the Lovely Eggs and put them into a basket to bring you a night of solid punk- esque driven rock n roll from right here in the heart of Glasgow, the place is buzzing and filling up nicely as the Husband & Wife saunter onto the hallowed stage to rapturous applause and kick off with –

Deathe Grip Kids – The track begins with a rasping vocals assault as the shredding power driven guitar riffs combine with a pounding snare drum groove that brings in bass kicks and cymbal crashes that really lets this gigi come to life. The fast paced furious guitar driven number is wrapped in the punchy vocals that allows this beast to kick in the doors and bring us a blistering start to this punk infused rock n roll show. Holly is a ferocious ball of energy as she struts around the stage and delivers a fantastic rasping groove that is wrapped in the thundering rhythm section that gets us all hot and bothered as we crash into –

Witchcraft – A fuzzy hi end guitar riff oozes from the stage as the rasping vocals get this foot stomping rocker off the ground as Dave comes in with a real pounding snare drum beat. The track is a punchy psychedelic trip as the vocals are giving this awesome number a bit of swagger as we let this powering duo bring the groove to Glasgow tonight, the solid rhythm section is on point as it kicks in the doors and really brings the heat to this punk ravaged rock n roll track as the place enjoys a riveting night of soaring riffs and a real killer drum driven set that just lets this duo express themselves with ease as the place erupts in a hail of clapping and fist pumping that just brings so  uch energy to tonight’s show, up next –

Nothing Everything – The intro synth backing track brings a real psychedelic feel to this foot stomping groover as the rhythm section comes at us with a heavy pounding bass kick that lets this track breathe. The vocals are filling every corner of this classy building as we set out our stall to feel the energy pouring from the stage tonight, the killer beat is wrapping itself around this oozing groove as we just watch with a smile on our face as this charismatic duo deliver a monsterous beat that just stops us in our tracks as we just punch the air with ease as this killer duo do their thing. This is a real high energy, rasping, psychedelic night of punk infused rock n roll that is a real surprise to me, onwards to the next ditty –

Memory Man – The intro track brings sweet cool synth tones as the groovy fuzzy guitar licks wander into the track as we feel the rhythm section deliver a punchy fast paced intro that just works. The cool lyrics are put to the test as Holly lets her vocals deliver a killer tone that really gets us on our feet with a scratching guitar riff that is coming at us with real conviction. The sweet punchy snare drum kicks are giving this track some attitude and swagger as the duo just get it right as we stamp our feet and just let this fantastic duo bring the punk to Glasgow tonight, the place is really getting into this act as we just watch the stage and feel the energy oozing towards us and really get the gritty punk feel from this soaring duo, up next –

Magic Onion – Holly lets the track come to life as Dave grabs his big gong bashing impliment and lets the fun begin, Holly tells us that Dave is going to unleash a big magic infusion of MDMA upon us as this crunching beast comes to life. The riery cymbal crashes rain down on us as the bass kicks and snare drum punches echo all around us as this killer track wraps itself around us, the vocals are filling the venue as the duo really get to grips with us and unleash a soaring rock n roll beat that just lets us know that Holly & Dave are here to entertain us with a rousing guitar driven show that just ticks all the boxes. The punchy rhythm section is delivering a hard driven bass drum kick that is wrapped in snare drum grooves that are roaring down the road as the gritty vocals grab our attention, coming for us next is –

My Mood Wave – The crunching guitar riffs get this classic rock n roll number off the ground as we welcome a bass kick that delivers cymbal snaps that get the groove on the road. The vocals are ripping through St Luke’s as we feel the rasping beat tell it’s own story as this sizzling duo ramp up the heat with this soaring number that has a cool cowbell driven tempo, we are tearing through this fantastic setlist as the duo really pull out all the stops and bring us a killer night of gritty punk based tunes that just grab our attention as we feel the tone wrap itself around us a we move onto –

Don’t Look At Me – Dave chats to us as he tells us that is just awesome that they are kicking off the tour in Glasgow as Holly tells him to get on with it. The fuzzy gritty guitar driven track bursts into life as Dave brings the heat with a snare drum driven rock n roll juggernaut that brings bass kicks and cymbal crashes that let the track erupt into life, the rasping vocals are tearing through the venue tonight as Holly offloads with a cool vocal onslaught as the shredding guitar riffs just give this track depth, swagger, attitude and bags of juice as we stroll into –

I Am Gaia – The intro synth laden track oozes through the venue as Holly’s melodic vocals bring this track to our attention as the sweet arrangement just hits us. The tempo is a sombre affair as the dark lyrics really grab our attention and let the track wander freely through the venue tonight and give us a chance to catch our breathe as we just watch the stage and let this soaring duo tell their own story. The place is silent as we feel the classic groove really take the tempo to another place as we get to grips with this dark groove laden number as the tone just oozes quality tonight, coming for us next is –

Fuck It – A cool guitar lick brings this track to our attention as the cool swagger laden track allows the crowd to sing along and really bring the groove to St Luke’s tonight. The bass kicks are driving this cool track onwards as we just let this cool melodic number do it’s thing as the punchy rhythm section brings us a bass kick that has snare drum beats that let this swelling audience join in the party, we are just enjoying the classy tracks that are anthem like and really get the crowd to join in as we smile from ear to ear as this energy driven duo drop the hammer and just let their hair down as we stroll into –

I Don’t Fucking Know What – The track erupts into life with a real fuzzy guitar riff that is wrapped in a killer snare drum kick that has cymbal snaps that let this furious paced beast come for us. The tempo is just on the money as we stamp our feet and feel the punk tone wrap itself around us and let this fist pumping tempo tell it’s own story. The duo are hitting top speed right now as we just feel the swagger pour from the stage as we roll into –

Still Second Rate – Cymbal crashes kick in the doors as this griity number rears it’s head as this foot stomper comes at us with a real energy driven tone. The vocals are ripping through the venue and bring a punk tone that lets the place breathe with ease as Holly delivers a soaring tone that has us all hot and sweaty for sure, the slick guitar licks are delivering a raunchy groove that is wrapped in a cymbal crashing beat that brings in snare drum beats that are just building and building as this energetic duo just bring it and then some, up next –

Ordinary People Unite – The grungy tempo is taken to the next level as Holly shreds out with asearing riff that allows the rhythm section to kick in the doors and bring a pounding snare drum kick that really brings the heat to this rasping monster. The tempo is a real stop start affair as Dve pounds away on the skins and lets Holly bring the crisp sweet guitar licks that are easing through St Luke’s tonight, we are really feeling the heat coming from this slick duo as they have taken us on a journey tonight for sure, the place is rocking out to this fantastic duo as they have delivered us a classy punk driven set that leaves us wanting more, up next –

Dickhead – A cool fuzzy guitar shred pours from the stage as Holly wanders the stage and looks out at all our lovely faces as this pounding rocker bursts into life. The tempo changes pace as the foot stomping power ravaged number kicks in and really lets the groove erupt, the bass kicks are driving this fast and furious number down the road as we feel the energy explode from this fantastic duo as Holly bellows out Dickhead that just pleases this crown no end, coming at us next –

Wiggy Giggy – A cool double vocal comes at us as Holly & Dave bring the gig to life with a real grungy riffed guitar groove that is just oozing quality and depth. The pounding rhythm section is handing us a solid snare drum beat that brings in bass kicks and awesome cymbal crashes that let this beast tell it’s own story, the shredding guitar riffs are wrapping themselves around this punk laden rock n roll monster as we just rock out and really let this place feel the energy coming at us right now. The sizzling guitar licks are wandering freely through the venue as we just rock out and let this charismatic duo deliver a well thought out set that had something for everyone, we reach the last track of the night as we applaude loudly for this absolutely crackin night of punk laden rock n roll shenanigans, last but not least is –

Meeting Friends At Night – The synth infused intro brings melodic vocals that just settle us into this pop infused track as Holly lets her classy vocals take this track onwards. The tempo changes pace in an instant as this furious foot stomping gritty rocker really gets into it as the snare drum punches rain down on us as the bass kicks bring the groove to let this awesome groover bring the heat. The place is jumping around and really getting into this killer punk driven night as we just feel the energy oozing from the stage as this killer duo deliver a no nonsense in your face set that was on the money.

The Lovely Eggs  –
                             Holly Ross  –  Vocals / Guitar
                             David Blackwell  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –
            Death Grip Kids
            Nothing Everything
            Memory Man
            Magic Onion
            My Mood Wave
            Don’t Look At Me
            I Am Gaia
            Fuck It
            I Don’t Fucking Know What
            Still Second Rate
            Ordinary People Unite
            Wiggy Giggy
            Meeting Friends At Night

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