Hannah Wicklund Mesmerizes at Headrow House: A Night of Intimate Rock Magic

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Review and Images Paul McWilliams

On the evening of June 2nd, Headrow House in Leeds played host to the sensational Hannah Wicklund, transforming the small, intimate venue into a haven of rock and roll. With a capacity of just 150, Headrow House offered a stark contrast to the last time I covered Hannah at the sprawling Manchester AO Arena. Despite the challenging conditions, Wicklund’s performance was nothing short of enchanting.

An Intimate Setting

Headrow House, with its cozy atmosphere, promised a unique experience. As I arrived just in time for Hannah’s entrance, the small size of the venue immediately struck me. The intimacy of the setting made for a truly personal connection between the artist and the audience, a far cry from the vast spaces of larger arenas.

A Challenging Environment

The night presented some hurdles – no pit for photographers and a lighting scheme dominated by blue and pink hues. However, the absence of red lighting was a small relief. These factors, though challenging, did little to dampen the spirit of the evening.

The Performance

Hannah Wicklund took the stage to a resounding cheer, launching straight into “Hell in the Hallway” followed by “Hide and Seek.” Her guitar prowess was on full display, captivating the audience with every riff and solo. The band, perfectly in sync with Hannah, provided a solid foundation, enhancing the overall experience. In such a close-knit environment, the connection between the music and the audience was palpable. The crowd was visibly entranced, losing themselves in the melodies that flowed effortlessly from the stage.

Setlist Highlights

The evening’s setlist was a testament to Wicklund’s versatility and talent. Each song, from the powerful “Witness” to the soulful “Mama Said,” showcased her dynamic range and emotive delivery.

  • Hell in the Hallway
  • Hide and Seek
  • Witness
  • Mama Said
  • Shadow Boxes and Porcelain Faces
  • Songbird Sing
  • Can’t Get Enough
  • Intervention
  • Dark Passenger
  • Sun to Sun
  • Bomb Through the Breeze
  • Strawberry Moon

The performance of “Songbird Sing” and “Can’t Get Enough” particularly stood out, highlighting Wicklund’s ability to blend raw rock energy with poignant lyrical content.

A Night to Remember

The gig was a resounding success. The intimacy of the venue allowed for a unique experience, with Hannah’s mesmerizing guitar skills and the band’s impeccable support creating an unforgettable evening. Hannah performance at Headrow House was a masterclass in how to connect with an audience, even in the most intimate of settings. Her ability to captivate and mesmerize, combined with a well-chosen setlist, ensured that this was a night to remember. Despite the challenges, the magic of the music shone through, leaving everyone in attendance eager for more.

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