A Night of Rock: The Wildhearts, Florence Black, and Asomvel Light Up Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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Review and photos by Mark Thompson

Last night’s gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was a memorable one, showcasing three bands that brought their unique flavors of rock to an enthusiastic crowd. Here’s a detailed review of the performances by Asomvel, Florence Black, and The Wildhearts on June 6, 2024.

Asomvel: Motorhead Reborn

The evening kicked off with Asomvel, a band often described as the reincarnation of Motorhead. Ralph Robinson’s throaty, gritty, and raspy voice immediately commanded attention. The guitar work of Lenny and Stel Robinson delivered powerful blues metal riffs that resonated through the venue. Completing the lineup, Ryan Thackwray on drums provided a solid, driving beat.

Asomvel opened with “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll” from their latest album, which was released at the start of the year. The song instantly got the crowd singing and dancing, setting a high-energy tone for the night. Their set concluded with “The Nightmare Ain’t Over,” a powerful track that left everyone’s ears ringing. As the band took a bow and snapped a quick stage photo, it was clear they had won over new fans.

Florence Black: Welsh Hard Rockers

Next up was Florence Black, a three-piece band hailing from Wales. Their traditional hard rock sound, characterized by epic hooks and choruses, captivated the audience. Although they may not have matched Asomvel’s raw energy on stage, the Welsh trio demonstrated their musical prowess with each song.

However, it was their stage presence that fell a bit short. While their music was undeniably powerful, a more dynamic performance could have elevated their set. Nevertheless, they kept the crowd engaged and warmed up for the main act.

The Wildhearts: A Triumphant Return

As the lights dimmed and the crowd’s anticipation grew, The Wildhearts took the stage. With numerous personnel changes over the past year, fans were uncertain about what to expect from the new lineup. However, any doubts were quickly dispelled as the band launched into “Sleepaway” from their album “21st Century Love Songs.”

From the get-go, it was evident that The Wildhearts had been rejuvenated. By the time they played their second song, “Diagnosis,” the crowd was in full voice, singing along with passion. The band’s new energy was palpable, creating an electric atmosphere.

The show was punctuated with confetti cannons, pyrotechnics, and a stunning light show, underscoring the significance of this performance as a new chapter for the band. Their set list featured a mix of old favorites and new material.

Notable new tracks included “Eventually,” the first track off their latest album, and “Hurt People Hurt People,” a song with a personal touch, given to frontman Ginger by one of his children. night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was a celebration of rock in its many forms. Asomvel’s gritty performance, Florence Black’s solid hard rock, and The Wildhearts’ triumphant return made for an unforgettable experience. Each band brought something unique to the stage, leaving fans with a night to remember and looking forward to what these talented musicians will do next.

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