Live Review: Dendera’s “The Mask Of Lies” Album Launch at Camden Underworld, London

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Venue: Camden Underworld, London
Band: Dendera
Album: The Mask Of Lies

Review By Mark Pitfield Photos By Mathew Pitfield

London’s Camden Underworld buzzed with excitement as metal enthusiasts gathered for the launch of Dendera’s second full-length album, “The Mask Of Lies.” The heart of London was alive with energy on this lovely evening, and the iconic venue was the perfect setting for what turned out to be an unforgettable night.

Upon arrival, the atmosphere was immediately captivating. The venue, known for its intimate yet electric vibe, was packed with eager fans. As we mingled with the crowd, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley Edison, Dendera’s charismatic lead singer. Ashley shared that this was his 17th performance at the Underworld with various bands over the years, making it a nostalgic homecoming for him. For my companion Matthew and me, it was our first time at this legendary venue, and we were instantly drawn into its charm. Both staff and concertgoers were in high spirits, ready for a night of celebration.

The band took the stage and delivered a powerhouse performance lasting 90 minutes. From the moment they launched into their set, the energy was palpable. The crowd, already familiar with the album released just eight days prior, sang along passionately to the new tracks. Dendera skillfully wove songs from “The Mask Of Lies” with favorites from their first album and two EPs, creating a dynamic and engaging setlist that kept the audience enthralled.

A highlight of the night was a touching moment just before the final track. The band announced that their full-time drummer, Andy was absent due to a recent medical episode. Despite this setback, the stand-in drummer had performed admirably throughout the night. In a heartwarming twist, chants of “Andy” echoed through the venue, and to everyone’s delight, Andy made a triumphant appearance to play the final song. The crowd’s cheers and applause created an emotional climax to an already stellar performance.

As the night drew to a close, the band met with fans, including us, leaving a lasting impression of their genuine connection with their audience. Dendera’s musicianship was outstanding and tight, with each member showcasing their prowess. Ashley Edison’s powerful vocals were a standout, commanding the stage and resonating with every note.

Dendera’s album launch for “The Mask Of Lies” at the Camden Underworld was a night to remember. The band’s exceptional performance, combined with the venue’s iconic atmosphere and the enthusiastic crowd, made for a truly special experience. If you have the chance to catch Dendera on their full tour, do not miss it. Their live show is a testament to their talent and dedication, promising a night of pure metal magic.

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