Black Smoke Trigger – Live – Barrowlands Black Smoke Trigger / Andy Gould

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Review By Darren McIntyre Images By Scott Anderson

Black Smoke Trigger are a hard / alternative rock band from Napier,  New Zealand who came to our attention in 2018 and released their debut EP in Set It Off in 2019. The boys toured with Like A Storm in New Zealand to celebtate 10 years of Devilskin and have opened for the likes of Halestorm & Filter. The boys have just put the finishing touches to their debut album Horizons due to drop July 19th. In conjunction with the album release the boys are out on tour right now and tonight they stop off at the world famous Barrowland Ballroom to melt some faces as they bring us some good old rock n roll from New Zealand, as the lights dim and the house PA fades the boys stroll onto the stage and launch into –

The Way I’m Wired – Baldrick bellows out we are Black Smoke Trigger and this is what we do as the heavy pounding rhythm section comes in with a deep salvo snare drum kick. The full on bassline is handing us a meaty groove that lets this track burst into life as the boys get to grips with the Glasgow crowd and let them know that they have arrived in our fair city. Baldrick is rocking the vocals and gives us a real gravelly vocal tone that fits this arrangement perfectly, the slick heavy ended guitar solo erupts as Charlie steps forward and begins to melt some faces with a slick clean salvo that is just awesome. The place is going nuts for these boys from New Zealand as they set out their stall and deliver a no nonsense opener that is just wetting our appetites for the next 40 minutes, up next is the awesome

Proof Of Life – Baldrick steps forward and introduces the boys before they rip into this foot stomping rock n roll juggernaut track that dishes out the grooves with a killer snare drum kick that just builds and builds. The bass kicks are letting the beat fill the air and capture all things rock in Glasgow tonight as the boys settle into their stride and bring us a face melting rock n roll show New Zealand stylee. The boys are wandering around the stage and looking at all the faces as they watch on in wonderment as these boys give us what we came for tonight- good ol rock n roll wrapped in awesome musicality, we are throwing our horns in the air and stamping our feet to this infectious groove that is certainly bringing these boys some new fans tonight, we stroll into

The Way Down – Pounding snare drum punches that bring in cymbal snaps let this awesome track open and breathe as the boys continue to dominate the Scottish crowd. The vocals are soaring as they fill the room from front to back as this exciting unit just kick in the doors and really give it to us as they build and build with a raunchy rock n roll set that has stadium capacity written all over it for sure. These boys are leaving their mark on Glasgow tonight for sure as we witness a real kick ass show that has epic vocals that are reaching out to all as they wrap themselves around this sold out crowd tonight, the bassline is hitting us with delicious tones that let us know what Black Smoke Trigger are all about, we pause for a second as they boys grab some water and Baldrick has another costume change as we roll into

Blindfolds & Rattlesnakes – Charlie gets this crunching monster off the ground with a killer shredding groove that welcomes a fast and furious rhythm section that combines snare drum punches and bass kick that are wrapped in cymbal crashes that let this colossal rock track erupt into the air as they boys bring it. This is a proper rock show that has all the ingredients for something special right here in Glasgow tonight as the boys settle into the groove and Josh commands the room with a solid showing on the skins as he really delivers a colossal beat that lets Charlie step forward and bring the shredding riff that really shake up this sold out Scottish crowd as they really warm to these boys as they get us singing along to the chorus and this is something special let me tell you, we catch our breathe for a second before

Caught In The Undertow – A change in tone brings this snare drum beast as it wanders freely through the track and brings cymbal crashes that just let this track breathe. We get a crunching guitar shred that works perfectly alongside a deep pulsing bassline that just pours from the stage as these boys soak up the swelling atmosphere that has greeted them tonight in Bonnie Scotland. The boys are really enjoying the night as we can see from the smiles on their faces as they rock out and really give us a show that we will remember for a long time to come, the tone is fresh, in your face and lets us sing along to the chorus as the boys kick ass and take names as we feel the energy erupting right in front of us tonight, we catch our breathe as we stroll into

Perfect Torture – Mellow guitar strums flow from the stage as Baldrick brings his powering soulful vocals to us fine folk tonight as the tempo changes pace for a second. The crunchy guitar riffs build as a killer bass kick brings the groove as this rasping beast explodes into life with a real vengeful bite, we are just witnessing a real force of nature from these boys as they have given us diversity in a huge slice tonight as we just get into their groove. The bassline is dropping full on grooves that really give this track depth and texture in a big way, this is one of those tracks that just grabs your attention as it unfolds in front of you and you can say that you were there when the boys rolled out this colossal rock n roll monster that just blew you away, last song of the night is upon us and it’s a doozie

K.M.T.L. – Finishing off their epic set comes this foot stomping, fist pumping rock n roll beast that gives us a full on bassline busting groove as the slick gritty guitar riff kicks in the doors and lets this track hit us. The rhythm section is delivering a full on snare drum punch that brings in bass kicks and cymbal crashes that smack us straight in the face as this furious laden smouldering beast gives it to us straight as we rock out with these boys from New Zealand, the setlist was a real trip as they brought the heat, swagger, attitude and bags of energy that will have people reaching for this new album when it drops on July 19th.

Black Smoke Trigger  –
                                   Baldrick  –  Vocals
                                   Charlie Wallace  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals
                                   Dan Fulton  –  Bass / Backing Vocals
                                   Josh TeMano  –  Drums

Setlist  –
            The Way I’m Wired
            Proof Of Life
            The Way Down
            Blindfolds & Rattlesnakes
            Caught In The Undertow
            Perfect Torture

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