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Review By Darren McIntyre Images By Scott Anderson

Amilia Coburn is a darkness in light and has the ability to fill songs with whimsical rpmance and has the knack for making the unusual sound timeless. Amelia grew up listening to the likes of Elton John, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rufus Wainwright, Lisa Minelli & David Bowie. Her work is populated with the characters she meets in the dark shadows of literature. She lets her songs bring us songs full of lullabies, folk tunes and easy listening ditties, the night is a journey between the Moon & The Milkman and tonight she stops off in Glasgow at the start of her UK Tour to take us on a journey through the darkness & the light. McChuill’s is a perfect setting for tonight’s entertainment that is darkly lit and has a tabled setting that just allows us to be mesmerised by this Middlesborough lass, as the night opens Amelia tells us a little about her and her journey to get to this point as she rolls straight into –

When The Tide Rolls In – A sweet mellow acoustic guitar brings this track to life as the band join us and let the tone flow effortlessly into this fantastic venue, We get folk tinged vocals that bring the depth and mystery to this fantastic arrangement as the boys deliver a well rehersed musical rendition that just allows this track to take us on the journey as we lose ourselves in the delicious tone that is letting this fantastic track breathe.

The direction of this dark, thought provoking number really grabs our attention as we feel the intensity pouring through the venue tonight as this fantastic musician really brings the whimsical romance to Glasgow tonight, I will say that the gig is well attended and really brings the place to life as we clap along before we dip our toes into Nodding Dog – Moody guitar strings open this amazing track up as we feel the intense tone oozing from Amelia as she takes this track to a new horizon. The classy sweet vocals are just catching our attention as we feel the groove grabbing us and pulling us in as this floaty melodic number just allows us to dream and feel the intense tone that Amelia is resonating right her tonight.

place is fixed on the stage as this petite brooding artist just opens up and tells her own story that just gives us goosebumps as we just listen and wait to be asked to breathe as Amelia takes tonight and makes it her own, we applaude loudly and really make Amelia feel at home in front of many many Glaswegians, we catch our breathe and step into See Saw – Melodic sweet chords are coming at us as Amelia lets her incredible vocals grab us and let us feel the emotion flowing from this fantastic track.

The boys are bringing the groove to this bluesy, folk infused track as we get into the tone, direction and thought provoking tone that is filling this fantastic venue, the night is fluffy with mesmerising tones and incredible vocals that really give this track depth, soul and a real timeless feel as we flow freely with this musician as she delivers a dark, moody tone that just takes us to somewhere new, up next is –
Sandra – The track begins with a mellow bluesy bassline that really wraps itself around this thoughtful arrangement as we are taken to a mystical place.

The keys are littered through the composition as we are feeling the full force of this fantastic musician as she drives this incredible track onwards, the boys are bringing the groove with a neat bassline that lets the tone flow effortlessly through this folk inspired arrangement. The band add depth and groove to this sweet emotion filled composition that just grabs our attention. This excited audience is just blown away by the sweetness of this fantastic musician as we stroll into Sleepy Town – The track bubbles into life with a cool bass kick that lets the boys bring their groove to this toe tapping piece as Amelia lets her soulful vocals loose on this thigh slapping arrangement.

The bassline is wrapping itself around this cool track as it gives us deep full on notes that just allow the track to flow, the boys are going through the gears as this cool number grabs our attention as the cool guitar licks fill the venue and let us feel the intensity oozing from the stage as the tempo changes pace and lets Amelia bring her acoustic strumming into this folk inspired groover track. We are fixed on the stage as Amelia lets his colossal soulful vocals take this track upwards with a fantastic cool tempo, the boys leave the stage and let Amelia loose on her own as she brings her melodic lyrics to us with
Oh Captain, Guide Me Home – Amelia tunes up her acoustic guitar and tells us the story about how this track came about as she asks us for our participation.

We clap to the beat as the track brings a real melodic dark guitar strum as Amelia lends her soulful vocals that lets this mellow groover track come to life, the acoustic strumming has depth, attitude and plenty in the tank as this slow clapping mellow track wanders freely through McChuill’s tonight as we watch the stage and just smile from ear to ear as this fantastic musician lets the gig really deliver. Regular Music have brought a real star in the making to Glasgow and those who missed it should hang their heads as you missed a real thought provoking evening of folk inspired tunes that brought timeless lyrics that really suited this venue, the place erupts in a hail of applause as we feel the intensity pour from the stage as we stroll into please Go Gently – Amelia talks fondly of her Grandfather and what he meant to her and her family as she brings his memory to us tonight.

The sweet mellow acoustic guitar strings really elevates this emotion filled track that lets us get inside the mind of this fantastic musician as she flows effortlessly through the venue and really delivers a sweet thought provoking composition that just takes your breathe away. The crowd are just watching with joy as we feel every note, chord, lyric that is coming at us tonight, we catch our breathe for a second as we roll into I’d Love To Love You – There is a real sweet groove coming from the stage as we get powering melodic vocals that come armed with a nice acoustic strumming tone.

The track is a ditty that really lets us feel the emotion oozing from this fantastic musician as she lets us get inside the mind of this folk laden sweet toe tapping track, the tone is a real delicious blend of melodic tones and soaring vocals that just ooze quality as Amelia lets us break free and feel the depth of this arrangement that just strolls through the venue and just takes us on the journey with the crowd as the place really warms to this little fire cracker musician, up next is Dublin Serenade – Amelia begins the tale of this track as she explains that she wandered through Dublin and is advised to go to the Leprechaun museum to get surprised by the genuine warmth of the fine people of Dublin.

Photo (c) 2024 Zeezee Digital Imaging Amelia Coburn McChuills Glasgow 30_05_2024

She mistakenly goes to an open mic night but ends up in the wrong part of the venue and so the adventure unfolds, the sweet acoustic string fill the venue with their sweet tone as Amelia lets her fantastic vocals do the rest as this emotion filled arrangement just whisks us to another place as we just watch the stage and feel the rawness pouring from the stage as this sweet musician really brings a touch of class to Glasgow as she brings real intensity to the venue as we just get lost in this sweet ditty that just fills us full of joy, warmth and emotion as we stroll into the last track of the evening

Perfect Storm – The boys come back and let their fantastic groove fill the room as this foot stomping blues infused folk laden track brings a touch of class to the venue. The snare drum beats are just bringing depth and tone to this fantastic arrangement as the acoustic guitar wanders freely through the track and lets us feel the groove as it builds and builds, keys are littered throughout the track and this treally brings the track to our attention as bass grooves drop intense tones that work so well with this folk inspired tone that leaves us wanting more from this sweet soulful musician as she certainly leaves her mark on Glasgow tonight, at this point the band get up to leave and Amelia says lets have another final track as she takes us into Life On Mars – The mellow acoustic strums ease through the venue as the soulful vocals let this fantastic cover come to life as we just watch with joy. The place is silent as Amelia really delivers this sweet rendition of this Bowie classic through her ukelele as the tone is just fantastic as we let this fantastic gig wash over us and don’t really want the night to end. The tone is sweet with real intensity as this awesome musician really delivers with ease.

Amelia Coburn  –
                          Amelia  – Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Ukulele
                          Dave  –  Bass
                          Danny  –  Keys
                          Luke  –  Drums

Setlist  –
            When The Tide Rolls In
            Nodding Dog
            Sleepy Town
            Oh Captain, Guide Me Home
            Please Go Gently
            I’d Love To Love You
            Dublin Serenade
            Perfect Storm
            Life On Mars

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