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Review By Darren McIntyre Images By Scott Anderson

Teenage Dads are an Indie rock band from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria who originally came to our attention in 2015. The boys formed when self taught musicians Jordan Finlay & Connor McLaughlin from Mount Eliza, Victoria were joined by Angus Christie & Vincent Kinna joining after meeting in their final year of high school. The boys have given us 4 EP’s Wett Weather in 2017, Red in 2019, Club Echo in 2021 & Midnight Driving in 2023, 1 LP Potpourri Lake in 2018. The boys are out on tour and tonight they come to a packed roudy Garage Attic to bring us their infectious brand of Indie infused rock n roll that will certainly show us a good time. This is like a Frat Party, Spring Break and getting your Cherry popped all in the one night kinds show that will leave us wanting more from these four boys from Down Under, as the place fills up and we ready ourselves we take a second to feel the anticipation and I watch this young vibrant crowd get ready to rock as we launch into

Sunburnt – Connor gets tonight’s proceedings underway with a sweet crisp guitar lick that has punchy bass kicks that let this Aussie band make their entrance. The deep full on bassline is wrapping itself around this toe tapping grrover as Jordan lets his soulful vocals lead the way as the boys immediately settle into their tempo and let us feel the energy oozing from the boys tonight. The rhythm section is commanding the room with solid snare drum punches that bring in bass kicks and full on cymbal crashes that really give this track depth, the sweet cool synth tones are littered throughout this summer laden groover as the boys let us know they have arrived, up next

Tale Of A Man – Jordan joins in with a second guitar lick as the awesome bassline drops killer tones on this sweet full on toe tapping groover. The rhythm section is giving us a real cool funk tone as the boys bring their infectious tone to the fine folk of Glasgow tonight, the boys have a real soulful sweet sound that just puts a smile on your face as they deliver a punchy beat that has us clapping along. The place is bopping along and really letting this energetic 4 piece take us on the journey with them as they let us in on the action and let us go along with them as they bring their infectious Aussie groove to The Attic tonight, next is

I Like It – A funking deep mellow bassline drops in and lets this summer vibe track come at us as the killer rhythm section hits us with a sweet snare drum kick. The soothing vocals are running effortlessly through the punchy rocker track as the boys just let us feel the tempo oozing towards us tonight, Jordan lets his soulful vocals take the track to another time and place as the boys bring the funk to this toe tapping groover track. The cymbal snaps let the tone flow as a killer funky bassline is wrapping itself around this fantastic arrangement as we feel the energy, groove and swagger drive us forward, the place is bouncing and feeling the love from the Aussie boys as they up the tempo and take us to

Elevator – Connor gets this fantastic groover off the ground with a sweet crisp guitar lick that lets the tempo open and give us a real groovy vibe as the track comes to life. The punchy bass kicks are working so well as this killer beat lets the track deliver a real Indie vibe that has cool synth notes littered throughout the funky piece, the vocals are a real soulful tone that mixes with the sweet tones that are rolling through this killer arrangement. The boys are really enjoying themselves as they bring us a real Indie vibe with a summer groove that is just awesome for this cool Friday in Glasgow, the boys take the applause and the fist pumps as they thank us for coming out and spending their hard earned cash and time with 4 Aussie blokes which draws a huge cheer, we stroll into

Exit Sign – Jordan asks us if we are having a good time as the punchy snare drum kicks roll through the intro as the cymbal snaps let the groove open and soar as the track bursts into life. The soulful vocals work so well with this arrangement as the crisp guitar picks hit us and let this groover grab our attention as we are stamping our feet to this funky arrangement, we get heavy deep bassline tones that wrap themselves around this weet cool frat boy anthem as the boys are really enjoying themselves as this punchy full on Indie groover builds and builds as the boys are racing through the gears and letting this awesome track hit us from all sides as the groove changes pace and lets the guitar licks take it to another place as the punching snare drum beats rain down on us as we stroll into

Weaponz – Again we get the twin guitar salvo that lets this fist pumping groover come for us as the rhythm section commands the groove from the back of the room as we get our funk on. The sweet melodic vocals are coming in and giving this track some depth and swagger as the boys deliver a cool Indie feel that gets the crowd all up in our grill as the boys deliver a full on punchy funk based track that takes us in another direction with it’s stop start feel that is just awesome, the tracks are short, sharp, groovy and just deliver the message as it is supposed to be delivered, up next comes

Boarding Pass – Jordan chats with us and tells us that this is a real groover with a high energy feel as the track comes at us with a powering rhythm section that brings the heat. The solid snare drum / bass combo is just awesome as we get a slick funky guitar riff that combines well with the foot stomping feel that the boys are bringing tonight, the bassline is handing us a meaty funk feel that is deep with real energy as it controls the groove that is rolling throught the track. Vocals are backed by the boys as hey lend their dulcit tones to the backing arrangement which just gives the track real heat, we change tempo mid track and let the boys control the direction of this funky Indie inspired groover, coming at us is

Honey – The ghostbuster intro rings in as the boys add a little fun to the track as we dance around and let the tempo take us with the boys as they ready themselves. Jordan chats with us as the groove hits us with a solid snare drum kick that has cymbal snaps to let the groove kick us in the face with it’s intensity, the gritty rocking groove has a real solid Indie thread running through it as the boys kick it up a notch and let us feel the rawness oozing from this powering fun filled 4 piece that knows how to put on a show. The bass is again kicking in with a real funky full on groove that just lets the place feel the killer beat as it brings in a slick crisp guitar riff that is surrounded by the killer rhythm section as it builds and builds to leave us wanting more from these 4 young dudes as they steamroll their way through Glasgow tonight, coming at us with a real funky groove is

Piano Girl – This is a real funky summer vibe track that has all the elements of a smash hit as the boys drop in a gritty rasping guitar lick that really gives this track a nice edgy feel. The rhythm section is again hitting us with a punchy bass kick as the cymbal snaps control the direction of this swanky groover, the vocals are smooth, soulful and have a softness about them as this groover track delivers a toe tapping funkalicious beat. The tempo is a real sweet affair as the boys bring their vibe to the arrangement that just builds and builds and whips this swelling crowd into a frenzy with the slick riffs that are hitting us, up next is –
Midnight Driving – Jordan lets the track breathe with sweet cool synth tones that are hitting the groove as the snare drum punches give this track some depth. The sweet clean guitar licks are taking this track off down the road as the boys come through with a nice easy tone that just makes these boys ever more lekeable, the bass is handing us a mellow funk line as this feel good number builds and builds as the boys settle into their stride and let us know that they are really enjoying themselves in Glasgow tonight. The toe tapping track is something special as it whisks us away to somewhere new as we just get an overwhelming feeling of summer vibes that are just giving the crowd something to smile about before we roll into

Speedracer – The funky intro oozes in a sampler grooves let this track tell it’s own story as the boys bring a sweet cool feeling to this punchy track. The vocals are smooth with real depth as Jordan really lets this groover come for us, the rhythm section is slick, depp and brings a real cool snap to the proceedings as the boys drive on through and bring us a real mellow tone. The boys are a real tight unit that really bounces off each other as the groove is funky, fresh and has real bounce that just lifts the crowd as they dance around and really feel the funk element oozing from this cool offering, we are hurtling towards the business end of the show, next up is

Video Killed The Radio Star – Jordan brings this iconic track to life with cool keys that really bring the tone to this fantastic effort. The bass kicks are bringing the groove as the snare drum beats come through and let the boys leave their stamp on this classic pop number, the bassline is handing us a funky full on groove line that has depth, swagger and bags of juice as the boys give us s nice rendition. The synth tones are just cool as Jordan lets his vocals flow freely as this Indie version really flies as he invites the crowd to sing along and get into the party mood and really show them what we are made off, cool version that brings back so many memories for me. The boys have a real wide smile on their faces as they lead us into

Cowboy – The track begins with a real solid bass kick as the snare drum punches let the track breathe as cymbal snaps let the groove open and really let us have it. The sweet crisp guitar licks are taking us down the road as this toe tapping funk laden smooth arrangement really gets the crowd on their toes as this funky full on groover brings nice cool synth notes that are wedged between the solid rhythm section and a killer bassline that just gets the groove on. The boys are hurtling towards the last few tracks of this fantastic set that has gathered them a new army of fans as we stroll into

Cheerleader – The tempo rises as this cool foot stomping rocker track releases the groove for these boys to really kick in the doors and let this groover come to life.The boys have delivered a cool diverse set that has given us ballads, covers and many cool rocker Indie songs that have really delivered to the fine folk of Glasgow tonight, we get a solid rhythm section that is ahnding out the snare drum beats that work well with a real meaty bassline that is wrapping itself around these smooth soulful vocals that are just awesome, the boys say that there is no point going off to come back on so we launch into the two encore tracks as we get –

Teddy – Jordan asks us to sing along as this killer track bursts into life as we practice the singing part for us as the bass kicks fill the venue and let Vinni do his thing. The killer funky groove is just getting us all up on our feet and feeling the groove wander freely through The Attic tonight as the crowd sing back to Jordan as we get into the spirit of this toe tapping thigh slapping rocker track that is the perfect way to end this classy full on set that has just put a smile on everyone’s face tonight, we feel the deep funky bassline drop a cool groove upon us as we sing back to this Indie rock track that has the boys driving this killer beast onwards as we hit the final track of the night and it’s a doozie let me tell you

Hey Diego – Cymbal snaps combine with a gritty guitar riff that lets this funking groover come to life as the sweet crisp  guitar lick drives this awesome track on. The bassline is dropping epic funk grooves all through the track as the tempo springs into action and gets us all moving and shaking for sure, the vocals are building and building as we set our stall as this funky beast just erupts with a real slick chorus that has us all singing along to this fantastic summer spectacularthat just keeps on giving and giving. The sweet clean guitar licks are allowing this track to take us to somewhere else as the boys sing along and get us all moving and shaking as this infectious rocker track catches us off guard and lets us rock out with the boys as they get us over the finish line.

Teenage Dads  –
                         Jordan Finlay  –  Lead Vocals / Keys / Guitar
                         Connor McLaughlin  –  Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
                         Angus Christie  –  Bass / Backing Vocals
                         Vincent Kinna  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –
            Tale Of A Man
            I Like It
            Exit Sign
            Boarding Pass
            Piano Girl
            Midnight Driving
            Video Killed The Radio Star(Cover)
            Hey Diego

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