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Review By Darren McIntyre

Battlesnake are a cult metal band from Sydney, Australia who 18 months ago were playing in a small, sweaty dive bar in the city, by August 2022 they were opening for the hottest band in the worl KISS. By April of this year they were hypnotising crowds nationwide, leaving jaws on the floor as they opened for The Smashing Pumpkins & Jane’s Addiction. The lovechild of Queen, Tenacious D, Judas Priest & King Gizzard, Battlesnake are a unique beast within the Australian music scene. The boys will drop their debut album The Rise & Demise Of The Motorsteeple, bring us their new single The Key Of Solomon and deliver a tour of Australia & the UK, please settle in as I walk us through this stunning new offering from these titans of cult metal.

The Key Of Solomon – A real deep sludgy guitar riff unfolds and flows effortlessly through the intro as a full on bassline drops epic funk grooves upon us. The killer rhythm section hits us with a snare drum beat that comes armed with a bass kick that allows this track the room it needs to open and soar, the killer beat is wrapped in melodic vocals that really bring this cult track to our attention as we feel the energy oozing from this powering unit as it builds with ease and just echoes all around us. The gritty guitar shreds are coming at us with a real meaty groove as the hypnotising chords just take us to another place for sure, the tempo changes pace quickly and speeds off with a deafening roar that just opens this colossal arrangement as the vocal wraps itself around this soaring rock track that just delivers a thundering beat that has us reaching for the repeat button as we feel the temperature hit us like a thunderbolt.

Battlesnake  –
                     Sam Frank  –  Vocals
                     Ben Frank  –  Guitar
                     Paul Mason  –  Guitar
                     Daniel Willington  –  Guitar
                     Elliot Hitchcock  –  Bass
                     Billy O’Key  –  Keytar
                     Nick Zammit  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      The Key Of Solomon

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