Bryan Adams proves he can still rock during a soaked but packed Margate show!

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Written by Flynn Herondale

June 2024

“Welcome to the wettest gig in the world!” Adams shouted to the hyped crowds. They’d been waiting in the drizzle for hours but were no less excited to party with the rock icon. And what a show it was; featuring an incredible supporting band, a set list to please every era of fan and an overall atmosphere of nostalgia and comradery, Adams put on the show of a lifetime.

Those who had booked tickets to see Adams stand on a stage and belt out his most well known numbers were in for a treat, as the show was peppered with old favorites such as Heaven, Run To You and Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, as well as newer “duets” sung expertly by Adams despite the lack of partner, namely When You’re Gone. He even performed a tribute to his friend the late Tina Turner, by singing a medley of her songs as well as their duet It’s Only Love. Adams proved his signature vocal talent remains unchanged during a note perfect rendition of Everything I Do. His Infectious spirit and clear enthusiasm for performing had the crowd belting back every lyric and Summer Of 69 was an experience I feel no one in the crowd nor on the stage will forget in a hurry. It was clear to all that Adams finds pure joy in performing and sharing a career spanning decades with live audiences. A showman through and through. You felt connected, cared for, included and seen.

Indeed the crowd interaction throughout the show was some of the best many had experienced. Both Adams and lead guitarist Keith Scott utilized the whole stage smiling and waving and in some cases singing directly to individual audience members before moving along to another.As a crowd member you really felt an integral part of the experience, as important to Adam’s and the band as they were to us. Every band member on stage gave their all from the bass player, to the drummer to the sound mixer.

After the show the whole band were thanked with roars of applause and appreciation, in turn gracing the audience with drum sticks, guitar picks and even an album was signed by Scott.

Hardly surprising considering the intimacy of the show (a surprising achievement considering the packed venue), was the lack of photographers and a request for the front rows at least to keep their phones and devices in their pockets. Understandable as it is, it’s a shame on many levels as the show was packed with incredible visual moments. From the live backdrop before Adams appeared, during which the vintage convertible from the So Happy It Hurts music video, is vandalized and sabotaged. To the golden moment Adams threw his head back and lifted his guitar, surrounded by smoke with the iconic Dreamland ferris wheel framing his head.

The entire show was a once in a lifetime experience for many and I think Adams had the most fun of all!

The ‘So Happy It Hurts Tour’ is set to continue until November 24th of this year.

Written by Flynn Herondale

June 2024

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