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Review By Darren McIntyre Images by Scott Anderson

Royal South are artists SaraBeth & Glen Mitchell who started out as solo artists before love brought them together to unite this love of all things country. The union is forged by a Texas / London connection that has recently seen the couple tie the knot and bring this unit together to give us one hell of a Country duo that has attracted the attention of renowned producer Paul Worley. Paul has produced the likes of The Dixie Chicks, Lady A, The Band Perry & Martina McBride to name a few, Royal South recently released Perfect On Paper which became their 5th consecutive #1 on I Tunes and hit the charts in 6 countries, Royal South make this possible as they have 400,000 followers between them. They are currently in the studio working on some new material but decided to hit the road to give us a taste of their infectious country blues music and tonight they stop off in Glasgow @ Audio, please settle in as I bring us this girl / boy next door duo who are ready to bring it tonight, as the place fills up nicely the dou hit the stage and launch into –

I’m Alright – Glen kicks off tonight’s proceedings with a gentle strumming guitar tone that allows SaraBeth to bring her soulful bluesy vocals to this toe tapping, thigh slapping country arrangement. The dou are really letting us know that tonight is going to be something special as they whip up the crowd and get them swaying from side to side as Glen strums heavily as the melodic vocals flow effortlessly through the venue tonight as the shindig comes to life as we feel the buzz all around us. The harmonies between the pair are just fantastic as they fit together so well, the place erupts in a hail of applause as we stroll into

You Weren’t Made For Me – The sweet mellow vocals come together as SarBeth takes the lead and lets this cool country track get us all hot under the collar as this punchy track really opens up. The cool flowing guitar strums are wrapping themselves around this real ballad style track as we really watch this duo tell their own story as the place takes this pair to their hearts as this sweet flowing mellow offering really lets us know what this husband and wife are all about, we stand and listen to SaraBeth as she tells us about life on the road and their bickering about food and all the things that married couples do, well tonight is no exception as we get

Holy Guacamole – Glen comes in with cool strumming chords as this toe tapper comes to life as the duo come together and let their soulful vocals let this track go. The energy, charisma, charm and musicianship just shines through as we join in and really let our hair down with this summer vibe that just brings a huge smile to your face as the duo ramp up the tempo and just let themseves go and let us feel the joining of a union that has a real depth to it as we can see the pair bring solid guitar licks that are just letting this track flow, up next is

Love You All Over – Glen steps up and lets his guitar do the talking as he strums lightly on the stage as SaraBeth comes in with fantastic vocals that just elevate this track with sweet mellow vocals that really deliver. Glen steps up and gives us a real gravelly blues style vocal that works so well with the smoother melodic tones of SaraBeth, the bubblegum country track just allows us to float away and lose ourselves in this stylish country classic that is filled with real cool lyrics that let us know why they have just become a married couple, the place is silent as the duo really push on and deliver a faultless arrangement that leads us onto
Love – Glen ramps up the tempo with a real heavy ended strumming chord that lets his deep melodic vocals take this track onwards. The duo are really telling their own love story tonight as we feel the depth of their union as they bounce off each other and really let us into their story which is really cool, the sweet toe tapping tones are just perfect for tonight’s show as the crowd are really feeling the shift in tempo as Glen really cuts loose with his trusty acoustic guitar as his mellow vocals let this fantastic track flow effortlessly through the venue tonight as we roll onto –

Feet – The mesmerising vocals come at us as the sweet acoustic plucking guitar just lets this track take us down the road as this quirky track really resonates with us tonight. The cool vocals are building as the guitar picks wrap themselves around this venue tonight as the duo really deliver a cool thought provoking track that has you stopping and thinking for a second. This is a change of pace for tonight as this smiling duo really tells us their own story as we feel every note that is coming from the stage tonight, this is one of those track that has you tapping your feet and letting the vibe take over. up next is –
Perfect On Paper – SaraBeth comes in with a mellow soulful vocal that brings toe tapping guitar strumming chords that let this track come to life. The sweet melodic track is a real cool vibe that allows both artists to really bring the country vibe to tonight’s performance as they bounce off each other very well as this cool little number really gives us a nice feel to tonight’s show as the duo really bring something special to Audio tonight, as they discuss life on the road and life as a married couple we get a real sense of a bond which is very strong as Glen talks fondly about his ball and chain which brings a laugh from the crowd tonight, up next is

Coming Around / Kinda Got Away – A cool strumming chord pours from the stage as Glen steps up and brings us his soulful vocals that allows Sarabeth to linger in the background as this bluesy country track tells it’s own story as the duo bring emotion, depth and a mellow tone to tonight’s performance. The track has a real boy / girl next door feeling to it as we feel the chemistry oozing from both stars tonight as this real mellow track lets the pair really tell this story about leaving, coming back and trying to make it work. The place is really feeling the tempo rise as the duo is bringing the tempo, swagger and soul to Glasgow tonight, up next

See Through Walls – Glen strums heavily on the guitar as he lets his mellow vocals bring this track to us as the arrangement lets SaraBeth join Glen as this soulful toe tapping track flows effortlessly through Audio tonight as the crowd are fixed on the stage as this pair come at us. The soulful vocals coming from the duo is a real soothing affair that just tells us that they are in perfect harmony together as they drive this country filled acoustic strumming number onwards as they deliver a real mellow number that is wrapped in sweet acoustic strumming tones that just compliments this fantastic track, the duo chat again about life on the road, the struggles, the fights, the laughs and meeting so many wonderful people that share their love of country music before they roll into

Old Version Of Me – This is a track that brings up the ex in your life as Glen & SaraBeth both bring their emotion filled vocals to this track as they deliver a real powering tone. The acoustic chords really wrap themselves around Audio tonight as the pair bring the tone, depth and country feel to us tonight as this track lets the groove flow freely through us tonight. The track is a toe tapping thigh slapping affair that takes us on a journey as the pair really bounce off each other and tell us of the real story about the track as theblyrics fill the air and really let the duo deliver a thought provoking number that allows us to go on the journey with them, up next
Light In The Dark – SaraBeth comes in with real emotion filled vocals that lets this track come to life and allows us to listen to this fantastic track and really get into this duo. The acoustic strings bring the tempo as Glen strums heavily and lets the tone wash over us as the pair come together and really let us into their world of country as we just watch with joy as they bounce off each other and let the story develop. We are hurtling through a real mix of emotion filled tracks with a smattering of blues filled vocals that really showcases this pair in all their glory, we listen as the duo again chats about meeting so many fantastic people on the road that makes their job all the more fun as they drive all over the UK and bring joy and happiness to everyone they meet, coming next is

Cry – Glen comes in with sweet clean acoustic picks that let this classy track tell it’s own story as the track lets SaraBeth bring her melodic vocals to this fantastic hoe down track. The funky blues tones are really grabbing our attention as we just watch the pair combine with effortlessness as this blues track opens and really brings depth to Glasgow tonight. This is a real short punchy mellow track that just cements this duo as they build and build with every track that comes at us tonight, next

Shit, Keep On Going – Glen tells us that this is a favourite part of the show when he gets to cuss and SaraBeth looks at him which brings a laugh from the audience tonight. This track is about getting knocked down but tells us to dust ourselves off and keep on going. The sweet funky strumming chords are letting the groove navigate through Audio tonight as the pair bring a little sass to Glasgow tonight, the tone is perfect and the classy twin vocals are just letting the track tell it’s own tale as we watch and feel the chemistry oozing from the stage tonight as this funky, punchy track brings a smile to our faces tonight, we roll into

Love Song – Sweet heavy ended acoustic strumming chords pour from the stage as Glen lets his gravelly vocals tell the story as SaraBeth looks on. The cool track has depth, tone and a real sense of togetherness as the pair really come together and let this track tell us about this pair and what they have together. The cool strumming tones lets the track break free as they deliver a sweet, soulful track that is just bringing a smile to our faces tonight as the pair really hit their stride and let us fine folk feel the sweet emotion filled lyrics tell us what they are all about,next

Love You All Over Again – SaraBeth brings the track to life with her mesmerising vocals as Glen strums happily on the guitar before he joins in with sweet mellow vocals that just lets this track breathe. The thought provoking lyrics wrap themselves around us and let the duo really deliver a classy country inspired track that really lets us believe what they are bringing us tonight, the track is a real tear jerker as SaraBeth tells us about her Grandpa and how he lit up her life but was sick but just loves hearing her tell her stories about family, loved ones and about the good times they had as a family. This is one of those tracks that makes you stop, take stock about life but lets you move on and feel again, up next

Going To Jackson – The tempo is raised as Glen strums heavily on his guitar as he lets his mellow vocals fill the air as the fun filled track really comes at us. SaraBeth comes in and lets her fantastic vocals join Glen as this real country track tells us about Jackson and what it really means to this pair, we are getting a real funky tone running through the venue as the duo really raise the bar in this classy, punchy piece that gets our toes tapping and fists punching as they deliver a fun filled hoe down track that brings a little fun to tonight’s performance, next up
A One Man Band – Sweet chord ooze from the stage as Glen comes in with mellow vocals as SaraBeth joins in and really lets the lyrics flow through Glasgow tonight. The tone is sweet with thought provoking lyrics that really wrap themselves around this track as we feel the emotion attached to this cool number, the strumming chords are telling their own story abot the pair as they came together and formed their union that we have in front of us tonight. They are in synch tonight as they deliver a night of country tunes that really catch our attention as they walk us into

Friends In Low Places – This is a real sing along affair that brings the crowd into play as the duo get us singing along to this cool cover track that just brings a smile to our faces tonight. Glen comes over all accapella tonight as he goes off piste with little ditty filled lyrics that gets the crowd laughing and feeling the love pouring from these guys tonight. We have been entertained tonight for sure as this fantastic couple have thought of everything tonight, laughs, stories, fights, making up and real life tales that just pull at your heartstrings with their real life goings on, we are nearing the end of this fun filled evening and the pair bring us a classic in the form of

Life Goes On – This cover track was a nice touch to tonight’s show as it allows us to sing along and join in with the duo as they bring a little fun to us tonight. The cool strumming chords are letting the track build as Glen begins with a funky vocal range as SaraBeth joins in and really lets this track fly. The crowd are invited to sing along to this classic as the pair ready us for a cool sing along that just let the night come to a natural end as we just feel the groove pulsing through the venue tonight and let the tone fill the place with laughter, song and good times as the couple smile from ear to ear as we sing with them before we roll into the last track –
You Rock My Rodeo – Finishing off tonight’s performance is a real funky heavy strumming track that is finishing off with a real soulful tone that allows both stars to bring their infectious vocals to us. The toe tapping affair is just a nice way to bring the curtain down on this cool night of country blues tracks that have been given a makeover from this newlywed pair as they bring depth, swagger and real cool vocals that let us know that we have had a fun night that had to come to an end sometime. The cool track is a real mellow affair that has Glen bringing the heat with his cool guitar playing that is perfectly finished off with the soulful vocals that SaraBeth brings to the show.

Royal South  –
                      SaraBeth  –  Vocals
                      Glen Mitchell  –  Guitar / Acoustic guitar

Setlist  –
            I’m Alright
            You Weren’t Made For Me
            Holy Guacamole
            Love You All Over
            Perfect On Paper
            Coming around / Kinda Got Away
            See Through Walls
            Old Version Of Me
            Light In The Dark
            Shit, Keep On Going
            Love Song
            Love You All Over Again
            A One Man Band
            Friends In Low Places
            Life Goes On
            You Rock My Rodeo

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